National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. The Professional Association for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bail Enforcement Agents & Bounty Hunters


President's Biography

Chuck Jordan has served as President of the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents since 2011 and the International Bounty Hunter Union since 2020. He provides leadership, and facilitates strategic professional networking and coordination to thousands of member Fugitive Recovery Agents and the industry at large. He supports the association mission, operations and focus on specific growth enablers, including important industry relationships, leadership initiatives and development program performance. As the spokesman for the association Chuck serves as the point of contact for media inquiries, advocating for the industry, consulting on high profile fugitive cases such as prison escapes and providing expert advice during newspaper and television interviews with Fox News, CNN, USA Today the Associated Press and many other media outlets

Before that, Chuck worked in numerous capacities for the New Zealand Government, first as an Agent with the Inland Revenue Department, then as a Youth Justice Professional, before being seconded to the National Office to serve as an Investigator and adviser for the Ministry of Social Development, Business Security Unit. During his time working for the NZ government Chuck conducted background investigations on candidates for high level government positions, championed Operational Intelligence(OI),  developed significant risk management strategies that resulted in major operational changes and security improvements. In addition to fugitive investigations, Chuck specializes in fraud and corporate loss prevention cases, and he is a member of the High Tech Crimes Consortium an international organization connecting cyber cops and investigators.

Earlier, Chuck was an elected State Constable for the Pennsylvania 30th Judicial District where he conducted fugitive investigations, served arrest warrants, enforced court orders, provided prisoner and mental health transports. Prior to this, Chuck worked under contract as a Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Agent for Surety Administrators a subsidiary of Harco Insurance. At the time Harco was facing forfeitures in the millions of dollars stemming from the insolvency of the now defunct Capital Bonding. Chuck conducted fugitive investigations, located and apprehended fugitives preventing forfeitures and saving Harco Insurance a substantial amount of money. He was a student of the late Mel Barth and collaborated with the late Bob Burton and the late Lance Wilkinson, who were the leading experts of their time in the bail bond fugitive recovery profession.  

Additionally, Chuck is a commissioned Notary Public, has held a professional bail bondsman license, has served as a fugitive recovery instructor and as a volunteer firefighter with the New Zealand Fire Service, Rolleston Brigade, he has owned and invested in a number of businesses including Executive Risk Management LLC, Metro Court Services Inc and Interstate Transportation & Service LLC. He has completed a number of courses on investigations, skip tracing, executive protection, interviewing, defensive tactics and operational risk management. He majored in criminal justice at BSC and completed the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency course facilitated by Mercyhurst College, receiving law enforcement certification for state constables, and he completed a certificate program at the New Zealand Institute of Management as part of his professional development while employed by the New Zealand Government.