National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. The Professional Association for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bail Enforcement Agents & Bounty Hunters

What is the Apprentice Roster ? 

The Apprentice Roster is a list of members in each geographic area i.e. city, county or state that are new to the Fugitive Recovery profession and seek to gain experience by working with a mentor. 

When a member that is an experienced Fugitive Recovery Agent contacts us looking for an Apprentice we utilize the Apprentice Roster to provide them with contact information for an Apprentice in their area.

Why would  an experienced Fugitive Recovery Agent want to take on an Apprentice ?

It comes down to money, when 2 or more experienced Fugitive Recovery Agents work a case together they normally split the commission evenly. However, when an experienced Fugitive Recovery Agent works with an Apprentice it's understood that part of their payment is in the form of "Education" . Therefore, the Apprentice receives a smaller share of the Commission and the experienced Fugitive Recovery Agent earns more. 

How do I get listed on the Apprentice Roster for my area ?

Category (A) Apprentice members are automatically listed in the apprentice roster for their respective state of residence.