National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. The Professional Association for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bail Enforcement Agents & Bounty Hunters



As the industry professional association, the N.A.F.R.A provides membership and registration to Fugitive Recovery Agents and endeavors to maintain a high level of professional standards for our members. 

Our mission is to ensure that fugitives released on bail bond that have failed to appear in court are brought to justice, to maintain professional standards and accountability,  to promote education and awareness about and within this unique industry.

We strive to advocate for retention of legislation favorable to the profession and to preserve the Fugitive Recovery Agent as an integral part of the Bail Bond Industry and Criminal Justice System of the United States. 

By bringing together a diverse range of experience, knowledge, and resources, our association looks forward to the further advancement and understanding of our highly specialized field.

Membership is open to both seasoned agents and those interested in entering the profession.

 National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

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