National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents

National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. The Professional Association for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bail Enforcement Agents & Bounty Hunters

President's Biography

Chuck Jordan


In 2011 Chuck Jordan was elected President of the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents and re-elected in 2016. Established for the purpose of developing and enforcing professional standards, advocating the profession through community, public, political and media representation, the association represents members throughout the United States.

The President is responsible for the overall leadership, executive management, public, community, political and media relations, policy formulation and strategic planning.

Prior to his position at the NAFRA Mr. Jordan served as an elected official and law enforcement officer in the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Jordan has held a Professional Bail Bondsman License through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and has extensive professional experience in Fugitive Recovery, having performed Fugitive Recovery services for a number of clients including Surety Administrators / Harco Insurance for whom he worked cases involving millions of dollars in forfeitures.

Mr. Jordan also has extensive experience in Youth Justice / Corrections having worked for the New Zealand Government in numerous capacities including as an Inland Revenue Agent, and as an advisor to National Office Policy Makers at the Ministry of Social Development. During his time in New Zealand Mr. Jordan spearheaded many reforms in the Youth Justice Facilities.

Mr. Jordan is currently the Director of Metro Court Services Inc, a private investigation, legal support, process service and fugitive recovery consultation service. Mr. Jordan has also served as an expert fugitive recovery consultant, appearing on Fox News, USA Today, TWC News, the Associated Press and many other media outlets.